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Air Hose Reels complete buying guide for beginner

They say working as a mechanic in an automobile workshop or a garage is one of the most endurance enhancing jobs. For one, you need to be pushing your body both physically and mentally every day.

Two, you have to be stuck in hot rooms with ventilation while getting your hands dirty (literally) and three you need to navigate several really dangerous instruments and objects. Among these objects is an air hose that can be a real pain to navigate unless you get yourself proper air hose reels for your garage.

What is an air hose reel?

Air hose reels are normally found in workshops or automobile shops. They are used to store hoses filled with air. The hoses are stored in such a way that they are wrapped around a circular wheel-like structure like a spring. Air hose reels are very useful in garages and automobile workshops because normally a hose is very lengthy and is often the source of accidents such as tripping accidents inside the workplace Check more details at  So a reel will help prevent such accidents and avoid unfortunate injuries. There are two main types of reels:

  • Spring rewind air hose reels.
  • Manual rewind air hose reels.

Normally air hoses are made of a material called polyurethane and come packed on a box ready to use. They aren’t known for their mobility, meaning you’ll have to attach them to either the floor or the wall.  Modern hoses also come with an option to rewind the reel automatically after use, saving you a lot of time and effort.

What to look for while selecting an air hose reel?

  • Weight: A reel can weigh anywhere between 16-40 lbs. Normally heavier weight means a larger amount of work that can be done using the reel.
  • Durability: A good quality hose is one that does not degrade with wear and tear or when put to use in highly demanding environments. For instance, the low plastic reel may be cheap but will go down in quality fast and soon you’ll find yourself searching for a replacement. Always choose a product that is made of good quality material even if it means paying more cash outside of your comfort zone.
  • Temperature flexibility: Remember these hoses are going to be used in a variety of environments and be exposed to a number of different temperatures. An ideal reel would be one that can not only withstand boiling temperature environments but also temperatures well below freezing point. To ensure that the hose doesn’t degrade in quality with use in extreme temperatures too.
  • Warranty guarantee: This applies to not only air hoses but any product you buy. Always ensure that it at least has a 12-month warranty. So in the event that an unfortunate mishap occurs damaging the reel, you can get it fixed without having to pay a single penny.

Air hoses are a must-have piece of equipment if you run or manage a garage any shop related to dealing with automobiles. You can choose from many dealers online so you don’t have to look that far for a proper air hose reel.

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