Top 6 Famous Retro Poker Movies for Gambling Lovers

Poker is one of the most popular games like other gambling games ex. dewabet118, Situs Judi, Slot machines and Joker138 has always made an adrenaline rush to its players. You get the same sensation if you watch any of the “Poker” themed movies. A lot of highly rated poker movies were made and were widely recognized too.

So if you are a poker lover and you are planning to watch a poker movie this weekend. This article is a perfect guide to choose the best poker movie if you are in a dilemma.

  1. MOLLY’S GAME (2017)

IMDb- 7.4/10

Genre: Crime/Drama

The recent and critically acclaimed poker movie “Molly’s game” is based on the 2014 memoir named “Molly Bloom.” A world-class Olympic skier Molly Bloom currently runs a high-class casino that the business tycoons, sports, and film stars visit. Initially being successful, things are getting out of control with the dirty tricks behind the poker game. The rest of the movie deals with her fight for protecting the poker affected ones. Wait and watch to find whether molly turns to be successful in her attempt.

  1. THE CINNATIC KID (1965)


Genre: Drama

This American drama revolves around the central character Eric, a young poker player who wants to beat the currently famous poker player and build his reputation as a poker player. But what if the game is scheduled against Eric? Will he be able to grow into a professional poker player? You have to watch to find out!

  1. ROUNDERS (1998)


Genre: Drama/Crime

It’s the life of Mike McDermott, a reformed gambler who returns to poker games when he wants to help his friend to earn money to pay off the loan shark. But it’s going to be tough since he has to balance his love life and commitments to the law school.


IMDb- 7.2/10

Genre: Comedy/ Drama

So here comes a comedy poker movie for all those comedy lovers! “California Split” is a funny, cynical movie, and you can sit back and enjoy it even though you know nothing about gambling. It’s the story of two who become friends over the poker game, make the audience realize the sacrifice behind being a poker player.

  1. MAVERICK (1994)

IMDb- 7/10

Genre: Western/Comedy

Here is another comedy genre poker movie to make you laugh. Maverick, the central character, and a woman gambler strive hard to join a poker tournament. But things aren’t easy as thought. Watch to find out what happened then after!


IMDb- 6.4/10

Genre: Drama

A losing poker player named Gerry meets a traveling gambler Curtis. And they set their journey to New Orleans for a high stakes poker game. The movie ends when Gerry letting go of the gambling, and it’s also about friendship gambling.

Poker being a game that needs skills as well as luck, seems to be quite addictive. And these above mentioned best poker movies wonderfully depict the life of a poker player and their struggles. All these films wrap with the endnote of how poker turns to become a nightmare and ruins your life. So no matter if you are a poker player or not, sit back and enjoy these highly acclaimed poker movies grabbing a bowl of popcorn.

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