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8 Best Hair Accessories for the Modern Bride

Wedding is a once in a lifetime opportunity. It is the day of our life when everyone’s eye catches on every aspect of our dress and accessories. Hence, everyone wishes to look beguiling and charming, especially the bride and the groom.

The standard yet additionally astounding hair accessories preferred by the hairstylists are crown or tiara, hair combs, hair flowers, hair vines, hairpins or clips, veil with accessories, and birdcage bridal veils. Let’s have a look through the bridal hair accessories for the modern bride.


CROWN OR TIARA: It’s the day when you are the queen or princess of the event, don’t you wish to try a crown. You can use a gold or diamond tiara or floral tiara fitting your wedding dress. A tiara may assume a significant job in a fantasy wedding.

HEADBAND: Brides, as a rule, want to pick flower or pearl headbands as indicated by the wedding out-fit. Scarcely any hairstylists recommend coordinating the flowers in the hand bouquet or bridal shoes.

HAIR PINS OR CLIPS: You may think that hairpins are only used to keep the hair in place. You may try something exciting in hair clips too, like choosing a hair clip to match your wedding dress. These add additional flair to the grooming.

Dazzling beaded clips, Fancy clips, crystal clips, pins with a touch of pearl are few of the hair clips that are well-fitted for buns and updo’s. You can also try something creative and magical with artificial butterflies and flowers to add more attributes to the fairytale wedding.

HAIR COMBS: Hair combs looks stunning when you have an updo hairstyle. These days, hairbrushes have gotten progressively mainstream among the brides as they are easily removable when placed along with a veil after the end of a ceremony. This type of accessory is available in different sizes and shapes with various stunning designs.

The lovely and most favored brush by the ladies is inversion gold flower brush viewed as the fantasy of a Grecian goddess.

HAIR VINES: Most of the brides prefer hair vines because they can be bent or altered for various hairstyles. Brides can choose a vine according to her wish or a vine matching her wedding dress. The vines can likewise be altered and utilized as a headband, also can be kept around a hair bun. A hair vine can also be twisted to embellish braided hair.

HAIR VEIL: A bride looks splendid with a veil. A plain veil can also be preferred but also utilized along with other accessories. A plain white veil with a diamond tiara or floral hair clips or hair vines may look more extremely appealing.

BIRDCAGE BRIDAL VEIL: Though these types of veil go back to years in the 1940s, this has now taken its place in bridal grooming. Most of the brides prefer to have a birdcage bridal veil as they can be allowed to fall on the side of the face with a perfect height or go down diagonally across the face.

HAIR FLOWERS: Modern brides may not incline towards flowers to be decorated on their hair. But this is believed to spread fragrance when an original flower is used. It is better to choose a flower similar to the flowers in the hand bouquet.

In most of the Indian weddings, Gajra is part of the grooming. It is an easy way to groom a bride with a simple bun and flowers kept around it or twisted along the braided hair. Gajra usually contains jasmine or roses. Nowadays, orchids are also used to add elegance to the grooming.

Always remember a couple of things to check before picking a hair accessory for the bride. At first, decide the hairstyle you wish and the wedding dress. Based on these, choose your hair accessories that would grace your day even more. Keep in mind to select a suitable color matching your wedding dress.  Remember that your comfortable inclination starts things out. Choose an accessory that is comfortable for you. It is also preferable to get suggestions from the hairstylists. Now it’s your turn to choose as per your desire and add a mystical touch to the most paramount day of your life!

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