Different Ways to Convert Youtube Videos To Mp4 Format

No one today is unaware of youtube. It has become a part of our daily lives. the video featuring application is a platform to put videos for entertainment to earn money.

Most people we know today are YouTubers which means they make videos and put them on youtube. This platform is filled with a variety of videos like tutorials of different kinds, songs of different movies, global news, and much more.

However, it is easy to create a youtube channel to upload videos but downloading them in the system is not simple. Sometimes when a youtube video is downloaded it does not play in the gallery or system’s video player.

To do so youtube video has to be converted into mp4 to make it run on a computer or mobiles. After doing so it will be easy to play the downloaded video on any platform and even share it with different devices.

Before learning to convert youtube to mp4, let us know what is mp4 video format and its features.

MP4 Video Format

Mp4 is a file format to store videos with extension .mp4. This works on every device be it smartphones, windows, or MAC. This file format is accessible to all, easy to use, and convenient. It can also be understood as a box that has everything audio, video, images, and graphics. These are highly used for entertainment.

Some Highlights of Mp4-

  • Standard file format worldwide.
  • Highly accessible
  • Easy to use
  • HD quality videos
  • Supported by almost every video platform

Use of MP4

MP4 file format is widely used to save and store videos. Be it any video platform mp4 are easily uploaded. However, downloading in the same format is not simple. So, to simplify it there are many applications that covert videos to mp4 formats.

The best feature about this is while doing so the video quality does not get hampered. This is used worldwide to stream video in smartphones, or online and even live video streaming.

Converting youtube to mp4

There are numerous ways to convert youtube to mp4. It can be done with computer software or mobile applications easily. There are two main hassle-free ways to do so.

  • Online mp4 converter
  • Mobile applications or software that convert to mp4

Online MP4 Converter:

These tools are hassle-free and work directly on web browsers. These do not need to be installed on the system thus works immediately.

Step-By-Step Guide to Use Online Mp4 Converters-

  1. The first step is to copy the URL of the video to be converted.
  2. This URL is then required to be pasted on the application where it says “ convert a link”.
  3. The third step is to choose the mp4 format.
  4. Lastly, the video will start downloading and converting at the same time.

Key Features of Online Video Converters-

  • User friendly
  • HD outputs
  • Free availability
  • Compatible mode on new browsers
  • High-speed downloads

Applications for Conversion:

There is much free software that converts youtube to mp4. The first step is to install the application systematically on the computer systems. However, the steps may vary from application to application but some common ones are-

  1. Copy URL from youtube.
  2. Paste the link on the application where it asks to.
  3. A list of options will be displayed asking the resolution of mp4 video.
  4. After choosing the resolution video will be converted and downloaded to the system.

Both the platforms are equally easy to handle the only deal with software is that they require a heavy installation first but they can work offline while the former cannot.

About the Author:

Maryam is a web designer by profession. She likes to write blogs and share knowledge with others.

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