social media platform

Which Social media platform is better to gain Popularity: Facebook or Instagram?

Many people are confused between which platform is better for popularity and for a business perspective. This post will clear most of your doubts.

social media platform

What is Facebook?

Facebook is a platform made for networking and connecting with your beloved ones. It’s for people connecting with people they know each other in the past or present. As it is very apparent from their tag line “Be connected”. Because of Facebook networking is possible with friends & amazing people all around the world, they allow you to post, message, share, comment, like, and also advertise your business with their advertisements platform & account.

What is Instagram?

Instagram stands for “Capture and Share the World’s Moments.” Instagram is a platform for sharing quality pictures and short videos of your followers and following one. People follow and views their friends for reasons, but they also follow strangers as they offer them something whether be it memes, idol, hero, politician, fitness coach whatever.

First of all, we must have a basic knowledge of statistics of both social media platforms to know which one is better. so get’s started with this.

Facebook User States:

=>It has 2.3 billion monthly active users.

=>In which 95% using Facebook account accessed via a mobile device.

=>43% of people said that they watch many video via Facebook Application

=>74% of advertisers say that they use Facebook more as a part of their brands and to advertise their products.

Instagram User States:

=>It has 1.2 billion monthly active users.

=>500 million people share their story on daily purpose on their profile

=>65% of advertisers say that they use Instagram more as a part of their brands.

=>68% of people opens Instagram daily.

But with this, we don’t have to forget the main thing is as per the current scenario a majority of youngsters are moving from Facebook to Instagram so it is the main point of usage of both applications.

According to a  Social Media Engagement study in detail says that the brands see a median range of 0.09% per Facebook post, in contrast with a 1.60% median rate per post on Instagram. This information shows a sizable variance between the two systems for campaign benchmarking.


This comparison would be incomplete without taking a look at how each application (Instagram and Facebook) is used. We’ve known that Instagram is partially image and video-based.

Facebook contains larger information of users. You can discover things about a company through its Facebook Page whether it’s business hours, a location, or up and coming events. That’s the main reason it takes more time and effort to set up a profile on Facebook than on Instagram. But They serve various needs.

On the other hand, Instagram just takes minutes. Most of the people don’t open Instagram to discover your business hours or to check whether their companions have been to your store. They use Instagram to engage with other people only.

So Instagram may be easier and have many features that’s why so many people moving on it from Facebook. That’s the thing that makes it so successful for building your image and picking up prominence.

Conclusion: So we discussed basics terms, criteria, and statistics of users, and let’s say their followers. So both have their own advantage in a particular manner of usage purpose so we can not conclude which is properly best because it depends on person to person’s perspective. As per the scenario, Instagram is more likely used by under 30 age people, and on the other side, Facebook is used by many people who are running an online business because it is a very old and famous app.

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Carlos has been a Travel freak since longer than he cares to admit and loves everything to do with travel gadgets. Whenever is something new in the tech, it loves to address the others.

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